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Maui Jeep Wrangler Rental Site Map

This site map is designed to help people looking for a Jeep rental in Maui.

The Jeep stands out as a vehicle that has a style unlike any other. There is an attraction to Jeep for several reasons. A Jeep looks like a military vehicle So there is an appeal to those who are attracted to that military look. A jeep also distinguishes itself by being sporty in appearance. It's not a muscle car, its a rugged man's car with an outdoor and rugged appearance. Finally, its a car and a convertible. For those that would enjoy an open roof, there are t-tops and soft tops. There is clearly an attraction to having the top open. The Jeep image is all these elements, open, sporty, military, rugged and outdoors. Itt delivers on each element. Perhaps another reason to select a Jeep are more practical, like, four wheel drive and high road clearance. We also hear people that want a vehicle that is not like there regular ride. Something different. Whatever your reason, you'll enjoy the ride.

When booking a Jeep keep in mind that the two door seats four passengers and the four door seats five passengers. Whichever Jeep you select please don't forget luggage space. So for example, If you have five passengers you are going to have to consider the space available for luggage.

When traveling on Maui also keep in mind, it can be hot at sea level and cold on Mount Haleakala at 10,000 feet above sea level. Items such as clothing, head cover, towels, water, sunblock, snacks and the like will help you enjoy the Island. Stay hydrated, protected from the sun, warm, cool and safe.